2011 Crete Holidays Information

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It's a while yet until Christmas and New Year 2011, but if you haven't yet started thinking about next year's family holiday, this is a good time to do so.

If you are investigating different destinations, you are already ahead of the game. Either way, it will be worth your while to give serious consideration to making Crete that destination for a 2011 summer holiday.

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and covers more than 3,000 square miles. So you can holiday in Crete several times and still stay in an area that you have never visited before. Moreover, the island is 160 miles long and varies from 8 to 35 miles in width. No matter where you stay, you are not far from ocean. Most people take their holidays within walking distance of the endless sandy beaches.

Crete is, of course, steeped in a rich and varied culture and history. With little effort on your part, some of that history and culture will be absorbed during your holiday. It is a delightful bonus of spending time on the island. But frankly speaking, most people who are contemplating where to spend their holidays are primarily interested in the hotels, the beaches and the food. For exactly those reasons, you should take a close look at Crete.

For those who act quickly, the entire range of hotels can be reserved at good discounts. From hostels to high end hotels to villas, discounts are available. Hostels, which appeal to young tourists and the more adventurous older tourists, can be reserved with a 5 to 7 euros per night discount. Most hotels in the moderate price range are offering 7 to 10 percent per night discounts. At some establishments, you can stay seven nights for the price of six. The high end hotels are offering as much as 12.5 percent discounts per night. With a little intensive investigation, you may even find better deals than these mentioned.

Villas are also being offered at discounts of about 10 to 12 percent per night. This is where you can see some really interesting savings, particularly if you have a large group and are planning on sharing expenses. Many five and six bedroom villas are available.

Villas are quite attractive because many of them are in prime locations - close to towns and sandy beaches. They also feature lovely pools and stunning patio views.

Virtually every town in which you find yourself, taverns and restaurants abound with delicious local fare. Obviously there is a distinct Mediterranean influence in most of the local cuisine. But like the rest of the world, other cultural cuisines can be found as well.

If sunshiny, lazy days by the seashore appeals to you, give Crete a good look and take advantage of the discounts that can be had. The only recommendation is that you must act quickly to reserve your dream holiday. As you get closer to the 2011 festive holiday, fewer discounts will be available.
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2011 Crete holidays information is online at yourcrete.net/holidays with reviews of some of the good family hotels in Crete now available.

Not visited before? Another resource they share is a map of Crete and villas on the island.

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2011 Crete Holidays Information

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