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Briefly put, Money Extractor is a script you install on your web page that takes less than a minute and it injects a timer with your "Buy Now" button.

When the timer runs out, so does the promotion for that customer! Seriously. Unlike many of these sales pages that are full of "crap" and "lies" telling you they are only 250 "DIGITAL" copies available to scare someone into buying, this script is for REAL!

So let's go over some details about how it works and exactly what Bobby Walker's Money Extractor does.
First of all, let me tell you just how much I DESPISE marketers who LIE to visitors to their websites. In less that 30 seconds, I went to Clickbank, found some of the top products related to Affiliate Marketing and here's the first thing you see.
These products have been available for weeks, some longer and they are telling you they only have "234″ or "207″ copies left?!? YEA RIGHT.. Let's just straight out lie to our visitors to get them to buy from you.. what a way to build a relationship with your customers.

That's why I LOVE this Money Extractor script. Your not "LYING" to your visitors. You are giving them an actual time to make the purchase and if they choose not to make the purchase in this amount of time, then when they click the "Buy Now" button, it will direct them to pay full price. If they click the "buy now" button when the timer is still running, they will be directed to pay the promotional price!
What does Money Extractor Do?

1. It allows the user to have a "real time" discount live on their site with the add to cart button
2. There is a timer that counts down the discount until the discount is over
3. The software automatically puts the price back to normal once the discount is over

Extra Features

1. It has a pre-discount image that you can delay for any amount of time that lets the visitors know they are about to receive a discount
2. The pre-discount image also has a timer that counts down until it's time for the discount to begin
3. You can control the font color of your timers and how much time you want to set them for
4. You can also update the discount and normal price with hyperlinks on your site
5. Choose from several different styles of templates in 6 different sizes to fit any website or blog theme

Whether you're looking to get more daily sales, increase your website's value, build a buyer list faster, attract bigger JV partners, sell your business, make more money with less traffic, or simply save thousands on expensive copywriters... the Money Extractor will do it all for you.
No need for learning curves, long winded courses, technical hurdles or expensive methods. You simply plug this in to as many websites as you like, then sit back and enjoy the buying frenzies that start to erupt.

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Money Extractor Review - Official Review

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This article was published on 2010/12/04